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Can I apply for multiple roles?

You should only apply for one role however in the application process, please state that you are interested in other roles and name them.

Can I have time off during the season?

For full time seasonal roles, we require our staff to commit to the full season dates.  Exceptional circumstances may apply and time off to attend snowsports courses may be approved if dates are agreed prior to the commencement of the season and if the dates fall in the quieter weeks of the season.  If you cannot commit to a full seasonal role, why not consider working for us on a part time basis. 

Do you accept applications from couples or friends?

Whilst we do accept applications from couple or friends, there are only limited role options that are suitable if you are wishing to live together and have similar working schedules. 

I am a UK passport holder, which roles can I apply for?

UK passport holders can only apply for part time roles, such as a Schools & College Co-ordinator or a Ski or Snowboard Instructor (minimum BASI Level 2 or national body equivalent). 

I am an EU passport holder, which roles can I apply for?

EU passport holders can apply for full time or part time roles.  Please review the roles on offer and apply for any roles that you feel that you are suited to.

Is there a minimum age to work for Interski?

You will need to be 18 or over to work as an Instructor or as a Schools & College Co-ordinator. 

For all other roles, you would need to be over the age of 21. 

What are the requirements to work for Interski?

If you review the roles and role descriptions, it will state the requirements needed to work for Interski.  For example, some roles require you to hold a valid driver’s licence, some roles require you to be over the age of 21 for insurance reasons and some roles require you to hold a qualification, such as the instructor role and Ski Hire Co-ordinator role.

What are the season dates?

The season dates for the Aosta Valley are as follows:

Supervisors - 22nd November 2023 until the 17th April 2024

Other Roles (Non Instructor) - 30th November 2023 until the 14th April 2024

Instructor Roles - 05th December 2023 until the 14th April 2024 (Full Time Instructors) / 24th January 2024 until the 13th April (80 day contract)

Clients will arrive from the 10th December. 

The season dates for Andorra and Cerler are based around specific weeks rather than season long.

What is included in the staff package?

If you review the roles and role descriptions, it will state the staff package and benefits on offer.

What is the recruitment process?

For full time roles and part time Schools & College Co-ordinator roles, anyone interested in working for Interski will need to register and apply for a role. The initial interview stage is a one way recorded interview and if successful, candidates will be invited to a face to face interview via Zoom and if successful, a one way recorded case study questions will need to be completed before the outcome of the interview process is known.

For part time ski instructors, if you hold a valid instructor qualification, after registration you are able to apply for the part time weeks that you wish to work. Instructors new to Interski wishing to work on a part time basis will have more success in being offered work if applying for peak and high demand weeks.

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